The Baagh Ranthambhore

What would it feel like staying amidst one of the largest Tiger reserves in the country? The Baagh is a luxurious property at the threshold of the National Park in Ranthambore. This resort is known for its impeccable services and world-class hospitality giving you all modern facilities in Ranthambore.

Famed as one of the best jungle resort of Ranthambore, which is only 1.5 Kms away from Ranthambore National Park, offers grandeur in all its amenities across the resort in the brushwood forests. With some Super Deluxe and Luxury Cottages decked with ultra- luxurious bathroom, open shower and a bath tub with in room indulgence. Embedded in the wilderness of the charm of these Tiger Reserves, The Baagh is a wonderful way to relax and stay after your day long safari trips to the jungle.

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