WH Urvashi's Retreat

The idea of Urvashi’s Retreat was envisioned by Urvashi’s family earlier in 2014. After two decades of savouring the Himalayan delight as tourists, they envisioned paying the Devbhumi a homage of their own, but this time, as hosts. Nestled in the Bipasha valley, this vision of their materialised in the form of a boutique estate, wherein they fused local rusticity with luxurious living to craft a soul-lifting getaway. And thus, Urvashi’s Retreat was born. 

Classified today by the prestigious WelcomHeritage group as one of their Nature Resorts, Urvashi’s retreat is a personally-run enterprise by Urvashi Singh and her multifunctional team. Set in a homely style with state of the art facilities, it is a luxury-centric and personally-crafted attempt at synthesising nature with premium hospitality.

Situated amidst the Bipasha Valley of the Himalayan Devbhumi, WelcomHeritage Urvashi’s Retreat is a soul-lifting getaway. Crafted as a boutique home stay, every aspect of the Retreat has been personalized to create a unique blend of local rusticity and splendor.

Comprising of five cottages that sum up to a total of 23 rooms, a living room, a dining room, an in-house kitchen and service units in unison.

Classified as a Nature Resort by WelcomHeritage, it is a personally-run enterprise by Ms. Urvashi Singh and her multi-functional team. Set in an elegant yet unpretentious style, the Retreat is a luxury-centric, personally crafted attempt at synthesizing nature and premium hospitality.

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