One team one company and one goal - showing you India at its best with love care and affection.

Our Vision

Our vision at BoutIndia is to be the premier provider of transformative travel experiences, renowned for our commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity. We are a process-driven company and our values are at the top of our processes. Yes, our Values. Driven through the vision of Himanshu Maru our lead destination expert and CEO, BoutIndia sets the highest industry benchmark when it comes to providing services.

Our Mission

At BoutIndia, our mission is to introduce India to the world and empower travellers to explore the country with curiosity, respect, and a sense of wonder. We are committed to providing exceptional travel experiences that foster cultural exchange, environmental stewardship, and personal growth. Through our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we aim to create memories that last a lifetime and contribute to a more interconnected and compassionate global community.

Who we are ?

Bout India is a Luxury and Adventure travel company offering fully customised, bespoke trips to India since 2013. We are a team of young, fresh & energetic people dedicated to adding those extraordinary and meaningful travel experiences to your life journey. Every travel itinerary we create is handcrafted and thoughtfully made to give you a luxurious, wonderful & memorable experience. Currently, we are a team size of 24 people and we have served clients from more than 35 Countries.

At our core, we are committed to bringing your vision of the perfect destination to life, meticulously crafting every detail to exceed your expectations. From breathtaking landscapes to cultural immersion, we specialize in curating bespoke experiences tailored to your desires. With our passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your dream destination is not just a possibility but an unforgettable reality.

Why BoutIndia?

We take great pleasure in making the India travel an ecstatic and memorable experience for our guests. There are many ingredients to make it happen. Itstarts with designing a perfect itinerary, choosing the best hotels and selecting comfortable transportation. But that is not all; Preparing an ideal itinerary is only the first half of travelling. The second half is a perfect execution of the planned itinerary.

We understand each client’s wishes and know that they are all different. Each product and service is tailor-made to meet their expectations and desires. We understand it all, be it private luxury holidays, family gatherings, small group tours, or corporate tours.

We will help you know the destinations and experiences before the proposal reaches you. Our ability to sync with your thoughts and requirements allows us to design the best experiences.

Attention to the details you provide is the key to a successful tour, and our travel advisors leave no stone unturned to make it perfect each time. We are in love with what we do. That's why we always deliver the best. We are sure you won't hesitate to give us a try. We are not a big corporation where you need to keep dialling numbers to speak with an actual human. You or your clients must have experienced this situation.

We are quick and accurate in our responses, and above all, we are easy to reach out to. We are just a call or an email away. We welcome you all for a great adventure to India. Keep exploring.

India Office

The Three Musketeers

Himanshu Maru

Managing Director

An ex-banker by profession Himanshu comes from the desert state of India "Rajasthan" but he has immense love for the green mountains. A photographer at heart, you will find him wandering and escorting tours through various unexplored regions of India and abroad. He focused on areas where others had erred, which is why he has been able to leave a trail of very happy clients who left India with immensely pleasant memories.

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well. ”
– Eugene Fodor

Bhupendra Rana

Director Operations

They call him Charlie, he is a mechanical engineer by education and come from a town in Himalayas. When he not working on an itinerary, you may find him day-dreaming or writing fictions. There came a time when he was done with anything that is engineering and fell into love with anything that is nature. He is still a dreamer but have found the thin red line between dreaming and thinking.

“Oh the places you’ll go.”
-Dr. Seuss

Vinod Jhajharia

Director Marketing

He is known as Vinny among his connections. Vinny is all about business, a true leader at heart he loves to inspire others to reach their life goals. A software engineer by education Vinny is co-founder of two other Businesses as well. He is in love with the process of creating a business and making it self-dependent. He is a true visionary and embraces win-win opportunities with both hands wide open.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien

UK Office

Suresh Bawa

- Ambassador U.K

Suresh is an extensive worldwide traveller in between running his varied business interests. Whilst born in the U.K. Suresh has been a regular visitor to his parent’s homeland, India for over 50 years. He wants to share this stunning country with as many people as he can. Having partnered with Boutindia as their U.K. Travel Ambassador, he will be a key asset of knowledge for any U.K. traveller.

The Studio, Bradford Estates Office, Weston-under-Lizard, Shifnalm, Shropshire, TF11 8JU +44 7740257587

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