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Kasol is a remote village situated on the banks of the raging Parvati River. It’s a backpacker’s paradise. Minimal population, jazzy restaurants and exorbitant liquor shops open till midnight. Kasol also known as mini Israel is inhabited mostly by tourists from Israel which is why most of the hoardings are in Hebrew. The place is well known for trout fishing. Kasol is a base for Himalayan trekking to Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati Pass and Khiriganga. Visitors are attracted to the town because of its hospitality, beautiful environs, and wild charas, a handmade hashish made from the cannabis that is plentiful to the area. This town is an experience that you won’t forget. Perfect place for one who wants to get lost into nature and herbs on the banks of Parvati River.

Explore - 

  1. Nature and herbs
  2. Visit Manikaran
  3.  Go for Malana trek (Malana village)

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