Carved out of Bharatpur district, Dholpur is surrounded by Agra on the north, Karauli on the west, and Morena district of Madhya Pradesh on the south. Dhaulpur became a separate district in 1982 comprising Dholpur, Rajakhera, Baseri, Saramathura, and Bari tehsils. Dholpur was initially known as "Dhawalpuri" and named after the ruler Raja Dhawal Deo, also known as Dholan Deo Tomar who established the city in 700 AD (some historians have also dated the formation to 1000 AD.) Later, the name transformed into Dholpur.

The history of Dholpur is known to date back to Buddha’s time. Several centuries ago, Dholpur was a part of the Mauryan Empire and came under the rule of various rulers during the Mughal period. Around the 8th to the 10th century, Dholpur used to be ruled by the Chauhans. Until 1194, it continued to be under the rule of Mohammed Gauri. 

Ever since its existence, Dholpur remains one of the most fascinating regions in the state that has witnessed the oldest civilizations and is extremely rich in cultural heritage. It used to be the seat of the Dholpur princely state before Independence, and today is a city of diverse culture and historical grandeur. The red sandstone from Dholpur is famous throughout the country and was renowned used in the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi.

Explore & Experience in Dholpur-


EXPLORE (Places to visit in Dholpur):

  • Dholpur Palace
  • Royal Stepwell "Baori"
  • Chambal River
  • Shergarh Fort
  • Ramsagar Sanctuary
  • Van Vihar Sanctuary
  • National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Talab-e-Shahi
  • Chausath Yogini Temple




EXPERIENCE (Things to do in Dholpur):

  • Boat ride on the Chambal River
  • Wildlife watching at National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Wildlife watching at Ramsagar Sanctuary
  • Wildlife watching at Van Vihar Sanctuary
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