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Nubra Valley

Surrounded by snowcapped Himalayan ranges, Nubra valley lies at an approximate distance of 150 km from Leh, Kashmir, India. It is situated between Tibet and Kashmir. This is a heavenly place where two rivers, the Shyok and the Siachen Rivers meet to form a large valley separating the Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges. The average altitude of the valley is about 10,000 ft. i.e. 3048 meters above sea level.

Nubra Valley is known as the Orchard of Ladakh and was originally called Ldumra which means, the valley of flowers. True to its name, Nubra is covered with colorful roses and beautiful lavender bushes throughout the warmer months. This high-altitude Ladakh valley also unfolds a bizarre blend of landscapes, with gushing rivers, flower orchards, desert sand dunes, and green fields.

The enigmatic Nubra Valley can be reached only by road through Khardung La (18,380 ft) and throughout the way, you’ll see numerous lavender bushes and Shyok & Nubra Rivers rushing alongside. The view of the valley is picturesque and breathtaking. During winter, the whole valley looks like the landscape of the moon and it is full of greenery during summer. Nubra is a high-altitude cold desert with rare precipitation and scant vegetation except along river beds. The villages are irrigated and fertile, producing wheat, barley, peas, mustard, and a variety of fruits and nuts, including blood apples, walnuts, apricots, and even a few almond trees. 

The valley is predominantly Buddhist and has several centers of Buddhist learning. Ensa, Samstemling, Diskit, and Hunder monasteries are some famous Buddhist monasteries in the area.

Foreign nationals are required to get a Protected area permit to visit the Nubra Valley.

Explore & Experience in Nubra Valley– 

  • Diskit Monastery
  • Maitreya Buddha
  • Samstanling Monastery
  • Hunder Sand Dunes
  • Bactrian Camels

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