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West India

Legendary & Traditional

Region - Western India consists of the states of Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, along with the Union territory of Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli of India. The region is highly industrialized, with a large number of urban population. Western India is bounded by the Thar Desert and the Arabian Sea.

Overview - The region is hot and humid during summers but it is a land where the history still lives on. The forts, palaces, havelis and splendid temples built by Rajputas and Maharajas of Rajasthan are the richest source of culture, heritage, art and crafts. Amazing legends of heroism and romance still resound from its equally amazing architecture, that still stands to narrate its tale of a bygone era. It has a colorful traditional past. Gujrat is home to Asiatic lions and fine textiles; you can say that this is the fast developing state. India's third-largest state, Maharashtra is home to two of its most fascinating cities, Mumbai and Pune - "the city that never sleeps".  These cities will bring out the nocturnal person in you, as they are famous for vibrant and high energy environment all day and night. Check out some really fine places to eat, booze and party till you drop. And last but not the least, enjoy country's best beaches in Goa. 

Food: Rajasthan and Gujarat are the states that represent the dessert flavor of Indian food. Here an immense variety of dals(lentils) and achars (pickles/preserves) are used that simply substitute the relative lack of fresh vegetables in these areas. In the states like Maharashtra, the food is usually a mix of both north as well as south cooking styles. Here people use both the rice and the wheat with same interest. Along the coastline of Mumbai a wide variety of fishes is available. Some of the delicious preparations include dishes like the Bombay Prawn and Pomfret. In Goa, that is further down towards south, one can notice Portuguese influence in the cooking style as well as in the dishes. Some of the major dishes of this region are the sweet and sour Vindaloo, duck baffad, sorpotel, egg molie etc.

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