Culture & Insight

Culture & Insight


Do you know what makes India such a diverse and a beautiful country?

Indian culture is as many sided as life. India's history & culture is just as rich as Mesopotamia and Egypt civilizations infact it was the largest among the four ancient civilizations of the world. Studies say that people living in this civilization used to worship deities especially fertility deities. Religious activities were performed by priests and still those 1000s of years old ceremonies are being carried out in India. Be a part of all those mesmerizing ceremonies and feel the other side.

Since time immemorial, people from far and near have been coming and settling here. People belonging to different racial stocks like the Proto-Australoids, the Negroids and the Mongoloids came to India. Various ethnic groups like Iranians, Greeks, Kushanas, Shakas, Hunas, Arabs, Turks, Mughals and Europeans also came to India, settled here and intermixed with the local population. Thus, numerous styles of architecture, sculpture and painting have developed here. So also are numerous languages, religions, food, festivals and customs. World’s eight major religions are practiced in India. You can say India is home to many religions of the world like Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and of course Hinduism. This wide variety has led to the making of Indian culture both composite one and rich and beautiful at the same time. The people belonging to other cultures brought their cultural habits, thoughts and ideas, which got amalgamated into the existing culture. You will be surprised to know that it was only around second century BC that stitched clothes such as suits, caps, etc. were brought to India, by the Kushanas, Shakas and Parthians. Prior to that Indians wore clothes which were unstitched. Let us not forget that the composite and dynamic character of Indian culture is a result of the rich contributions of all these diverse cultural groups over a long period of time. The distinctive features of Indian culture and its uniqueness are the precious possession of all Indians. Here you’ll see people around you speaking different languages, having different religions and practising different rituals. You’ll also see these diversities in their food habits and dress patterns. Besides, there are myriad forms of dance and music in our country. But within all these diversities there is an underlying unity which acts as a cementing force. The Culture and Insight BOUTS lets you enjoy and understand India and its people. See how Indians discovered the meaning of their life and physical existence.

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