This magnificent Mihir Garh “Fortress of the Sun” overlooks the Great Thar desert, right in the heart of Rajasthan. Mihir Garh, designed throughout by Siddharth Singh and his wife Rashmi, was created out of their desire to share this heaven on earth. The fortress mirrors the architecture of the local villages, with its rounded edges, open fireplaces, and alcoves. The color of the stone merges seamlessly with the surrounding sand. Mihir Garh stands as a tribute to this land swept by the desert winds and has been designed as an eco-friendly heritage hotel. Each suite provides a unique place to relax, where luxurious appointments act as a foil to the mineral sand of the surrounding desert.

The beautiful fortress seems to emerge from the desert and complements the rugged beauty of the surrounding land. The workmen (over a hundred of them) come from the region itself bringing in the local cadence. The soft and stylish furnishings have been bought from the Jodhpur region alone. The village women of Khandi and Haji have lovingly created the fireplaces using the age-old technique of cow dung and clay, which brings in a local character. From paintings to curtain holders, every little thing has been tailor-crafted for Mihir Garh.

Explore & Experience in Mihir Garh-


EXPLORE (Places to visit):

  • Mihir Garh Fort
  • Mihir Garh Village
  • Jodhpur
  • Bishnoi Village


EXPERIENCE (Things to do):

  • Stay at Mihir Garh Heritage Hotel
  • Village safari
  • Equestrian Program & Marwari Horses
  • Bird Watching
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