One of the largest salt deserts in the world, Rann of Kutch is a large area of salt marshland located in the Kutch District of Gujarat state. It spans the border between Pakistan and India. This unique and remarkable place with its surreal landscapes is a treat for photographers and has in recent years grown popular as one of the most popular offbeat destinations in India.

The Rann of Kutch is divided into the Great Rann and Little Rann. It is the only large flooded grassland zone in the Indian subcontinent. The area has desert on one side and the sea on the other, which enables various ecosystems, including mangroves and desert vegetation. It's grassland and deserts are home to forms of wildlife that have adapted to its unique conditions.

The best to visit Rann of Kutch is during the Rann Utsav, a tourism festival and an initiative of Gujarat Tourism. It starts sometime in November and goes on until March. It is a unique manifestation of the varied cultural ethos of the region, known for its ethnic flavor and celebrative zest. It has everything covered under its myriad offerings of folk dances, handicrafts, sightseeing, star gazing, and several other adventures.

Explorations & Experiences in Rann of Kutch–

  • The Great Rann
  • The Little Rann
  • Rann Utsav
  • Dholavira
  • Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary
  • Prag Mahal Bhuj
  • Mandvi Beach
  • Aina Mahal Bhuj
  • Narayan Sarovar
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