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Shillong is a hill station in the northeastern part of India and is the capital of Meghalaya state. It is situated at an average altitude of 4,908 feet (1,496 m) above sea level, with the highest point being Shillong Peak at 6,449 feet (1,966 m). It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland. Hence, they would also refer to it as the "Scotland of the East".

Shillong provides relief from the heat across the country. This hill station is known for its picturesque sights and traditions.

The pleasant climate makes Shillong suitable to visit in all seasons. The light drizzles and the cooling gentle wind adds to the joy of visiting this hill station. The exciting mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, breathtakingly beautiful golf courses, museums, and the zoo are the key reasons why people visit Shillong.

Shillong has a quite westernized culture and it has a very young feel to it. Shillong is also famed as the music capital of India, as many prominent musicians have hailed from this place.

Explore & Experience in Shillong, Meghalaya–

  • Elephant Falls
  • Laitlum Canyons
  • Shillong Peak
  • Polok Lake (AKA Ward's Lake)
  • Umiam Lake
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Sweet Falls
  • Shillong Golf Course
  • Lady Hydari Park

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