Street Rush

Street Rush


Unique, Strange, Chaotic, Overwhelming

the “in your face attitude”, funny,

Loud, Spontaneous, Enchanting…

Welcome to Streets of India!

The streets of India are unique in the entire world. It’s a strange blend of different cultures, religions, castes and colors. No doubt, the streets in India are often quite busy, taking into account the vast population of India. Never-the-less, there is a strange aura from the past which is still lingering in the air of these streets. India has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders. They are reminiscence of the culturally rich history of India. India was home to Indus Valley Civilization, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. One of the first streets of the world originated from India. So, you can find streets from different age and era across the India.

Street Rush is a collection of BOUTS created to get the true essence of India. There is nothing like a walk on the street to experience the mood, culture and lifestyle of a place. According to Rudyard Kipling "The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it." Give your taste buds a cultural treat with more than 140 types of traditional Indian desserts.  There will be a wild and a bright energy all around you. We would suggest that keep your eyes and mind open and enjoy the show! See how people from rural areas come to city to sell their handicrafts and vegetables; street dogs and stray cows living in harmony with people around them; visit the Asia’s largest spice market; Indian textiles that produce the finest of silk and cotton. Get insights into the ancient craft traditions of India. Through the centuries, traders, craftsmen and warriors entered India to trade or to conquer. With conquests came foreign craftsmen, new design vocabularies and techniques. Your trip will give you mixed emotions as you will see the richness and poverty at the same time. Come lose yourselves in the crowd of India, because it’s in losing that you will discover yourselves.

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