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Conveniently located at 150 km south of Delhi and 150 km north of Jaipur, Alwar is the first major city that comes while travelling from Delhi to Rajasthan. Alwar is a hub of tourism with forts like the Bhangarh fort & Bala Quila Fort, lakes, nature reserves like Sariska Tiger Reserve and heritage havelis (mansions). Apart from being a popular tourist center, Alwar also draws pride from its reputation of being featured in a number of Indian movies.

Surrounded by Aravali hills, Alwar is a pretty city of rich culture and heritage. The majestic fort, beautiful City Palace and the colorful markets make Alwar one of the most interesting cities in Rajasthan. Alwar has been one of the oldest of Rajasthani Kingdoms and one of the first Rajput states to align itself with the British empire. The city becomes a great weekend getaway from New Delhi.

Alwar is not only famous for its historical sites but also for its Sariska Tiger Reserve. Few kilometers away from Alwar, Sariska National Park is a popular attraction and also known for its Jeep safari. Here tourists can spot animals like caracal, striped hyena, golden jackal, leopard, jungle cat, four-horned antelope. Food lovers, on Alwar tour, should try the soft and creamy Kalakand (Milk-Cake), which has highlighted city on the map of India. Alwar is also famous for Alwar ka Mawa, a sweet preparation. It is also famous for the Mega Alwar Trade Fair held at Dussehra Ground every year and handmade Papier-mâché (literally 'chewed paper').

Explore & Experience-

  • Bhangarh Fort
  • Bala Quila Fort
  • Siliserh Lake Palace
  • Moti Dungri
  • Sariska Tiger Reserve
  • Sariska Palace
  • Hill Fort Kesroli

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