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Located in the rural wilderness 60 kilometers north of Jaipur, is a quaint and not-too-known paradise called Bishangarh. Besides the rural charms of the place, its major attraction is Bishangarh Fort. It was a 200 years old abandonded fort which has been renovated into a luxury heritage hotel, with unique looks. Now it is called as Alila Fort Bishangarh. Perched magnificently upon a granite hill, the fort appears seamlessly sculpted from the surrounding rustic terrain, overlooking 360-degree views of the impressive Rajasthani landscape. Like most military posts, the fort’s first line of defence was its location - the steep, rocky terrain leading up to it made for a tough climb. The structure was battle-designed to be invincible, impregnable and uninviting. Its three metres thick walls protected its then residents, an army of monkeys and hundreds of thousands of bats.

Explore & Experience-

  • Alila Fort Bishangarh
  • Village tour
  • Local aritisans (jwelers, weavers & potters)
  • Equestrian Program

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