Also known as Devgarh, Deogarh is located 38 km northeast of Udaipur, a Jagir belonging to the Sangawat sub-clan of the Chundawat clan of the Sisodia Royal Family. The Rawat of Devgarh is one of 16 feudal barons privileged to wait on the Maharana of Udaipur (Mewar). The founder of the family was Rawat Chunda, one of whose sons (Rawat Kandhal), was the father of Rawat Sanga Singh, the first Rawat of Devgarh.

Deogarh is a popular though off-beat tourist destination, boasting some of the finest luxurious heritage resorts managed by the erstwhile royal family of the Deogarh thikana. In the heart of the town, is the Kunjbihari Mandir, which is famous for the many bats that live inside the roof of the building. There is one clock tower in the main central chowk (market) of the town at the top of Charbhuja Temple.

Apart from the palace, there is also a meter gauge train from Deogarh to Marwar Junction which goes through the sanctuary and hills of Kali Ghati, where there are many bridges and tunnels constructed by the British. There are many wild animals in the region, and the plains of Marwar are visible from atop the mountains.

Explorations & Experiences in Deogarh -


EXPLORE (Places to visit in Deogarh):

  • Deogarh Mahal
  • Baba Baidyanath Temple
  • Nandan Pahar
  • Taponath caves
  • Naulakha temple


EXPERIENCE (Things to do in Deogarh):

  • Stay at Deogarh Mahal Heritage Hotel
  • Village Safari
  • Village Walk
  • Rural train ride
  • Bird Watching
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