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4, Bussy St, White Town, Puducherry, 605001, Puducherry, Puducherry, India , 605001

Located in the heart of the French colony in Pondicherry, Palais de Mahe is a luxury resort by CGH Earth. CGH Earth is a group of hotels that organizes truly remarkable travel experiences over multiple destinations in southern India. Hotel Palais De Mahe offers an outdoor swimming pool and a massage parlor and luxury accommodations to guests around the world. Palais De Mahe is a great choice for luxury travelers looking for a 5-star hotel in the Pondicherry area. The location of the hotel is ideal for travelers to explore both the old and new towns of Pondicherry.

The architecture of the Palais de Mahe boutique hotel is in keeping with the French colonial style of the region. Hotel Palais de Mahe has 18 luxurious suites, a lovely courtyard with a swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, and a poolside cafe. The style of the hotel Palais de Mahe remains faithful to a historic past, while the experience on offer is a captivating blend of the old and the new making you feel like a traveler in time.

Palais de Mahe carries a distinct stamp of period style marked by its high ceilings with roof beams and arched doorways. Electric punkahs, double air-conditioning, and plenty of sea breeze will ensure that you stay climate-friendly at all times. The bathrooms, though contemporary, are designed to release you into a relaxed and indulgent mood as the French would have it.

Hotel Palais de Mahe has an Ayurveda center that offers a range of herbal massages and therapies to help you get rid of accumulated stress. The swimming pool at Palais de Mahe will certainly help you cool off on a hot day, and it will also help you take in the beauty and grandeur of the Colonial architecture while sipping on a cold ice tea.

Pondicherry is a city with a rare mix of French and Tamil cultures in India. The French game Pétanque is popular in Pondicherry. Pondicherry is an Indian city where the road names are written in French. To provide you with a complete cultural experience of Pondicherry, Hotel Palais De Mahe offers different experiences

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