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Marari Beach P.O, S.L.Puram, Mararikulam, Kerala 688549, Mararikulam, Kerala, India , 688549

Located in Mararikulam (Kerala), Marari Beach Resort - Cgh Earth is a 5-star luxury resort by the sea. The resort offers seaside village experiences. Marari Beach Resort by Cgh Earth has located 9.7 KM from Alleppey and 14.5 KM from Kumarakom. This luxury property is surrounded by coconut groves and pristine backwaters and offers unique experiences, leisure amenities, and private villas. Marari Beach Resort - CGH Earth is a great option for travelers looking out for a luxury resort on the beach near Alleppey, Kerala.

Marari Beach Resort in Mararikulam is a tribute to the fisherfolk of this region who populate its spirit in obvious and subtle ways. Resort's guest cottages echo their dwellings in style and character while their cuisine reflects the culinary subtleties of these people whose sensibilities and culture have been influenced by the charms and challenges of the oceans.

The cottages at Marari Beach Resort reflect the culture and lifestyle of the fisherman community. Infused with a strong native aesthetic, the roofs are thatched with coconut leaves. Their bathrooms echo nature, to offer you the experience of bathing under the open skies. The serene, balmy private pools and sea breeze lull you into deep relaxation. There are three types of rooms at Marari Beach Resort: Garden Villas, Garden Villas with Pool, and Deluxe Garden Villas with Private Pool.

Marari Resort is a rare showcase of diversity for nature lovers of every shade. The hotel naturalists will tell you about the complex ecosystems that define the unique ecology of the Malabar coasts. The resort has cataloged 97 species of butterflies, 350 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles, 10 types of frogs, and around 80 species of birds that you will encounter depending on the season.

Experiences by Marari Beach Resort:

Ayurveda: Marari Beach Resort has an Ayurvedic center where you can consult with qualified doctors, and they'll be happy to introduce you to this ancient form of no-side-effects medicine. There is a full range of treatments and traditional Kerala massages on offer.

Butterfly Garden: You can spend some time in their butterfly garden and enter a dancing, flitting new realm of nature.

Naturalist-led Walks: Marari is a nature lover's paradise and a morning stroll with one of their naturalists in tow is a fine way to introduce yourself to the Malabar Coast's unique ecosystem and explore its myriad charms.

Village Visits: Life in the fishing villages around Marari Beach Resort is both fascinating and endearing. It can be a revealing experience to spend some time on your holiday exploring these villages and the ways of life they represent.

Check out all the details about the activities provided by Marari Beach Resort on their official website. 

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