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Pangong Lake Rd, Man, Ladakh, India , 194201

Located in the beautiful city of Leh, Ladakh near Pangong Lake, Pangong Sarai Camps offers a comfortable stay to travelers. Pangong Sarai Camps are luxurious Mongolian-style tents that provide awesome food and great hospitality in the area. Pangong Sarai Camps have 33 well-maintained rooms that offer a homely ambiance.

The Pangong Sarai Camps give a brave ordeal to the explorers outside the Pangong Tso. Pangong Tso AKA Pangong Lake is a surprising marvel in the mountains of Leh. Climbing around the mountains, trekking, and investigating the untouched land are the essentials of being here at Pangong Saarai. Pangong Saarai serves you the flavors of Ladakh in the Pangong style to enrich you in the extreme.

The richness of Ladakh and Pangong Tso is in nature’s cordon. At Pangong Sarai Camps, life surrounds the sightseers with a glimpse of luxury and adventure. The camps fulfill all the requirements of staying healthy and amazed. The pergolas are spacious and comfortable so you do not refrain from admiring nature.

Outdoors in the Pangong Sarai Camps is an astonishing wave. The style of Sarai is the meals displayed and arranged with rich native ingredients and the freshness of the Himalayas. The eating lobby situated in the mountains portrays the Ladakhi outdoors in the Sarai frame.

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