Svatma Thanjavur

Svatma is more than a highly individualistic travel destination. Designed by and for exacting individuals with spirit – it is the epitome of Tamil culture and art evolved into a space-time capsule of mystique and allure. It is the indescribable romance of contemporary artists flirting with curated antiques and experimenting with ancient art forms in a space resonating with the chanting of Vedas. The affair of the mind, flitting between Carnatic Music and Chola Bronzes while witnessing traditional Bharatanatyam in a amphitheatre pervaded by the aroma of traditional filter coffee! Svatma is a statement about the self – a surrender to the abundant charms of Tamil Nadu – its arts, architecture, culinary heritage and culture.

At Svatma, the residency becomes a journey in itself – a voyage of discovery of the self – an ethereal immersion in the arts suspended in time. The spaces are envisioned in a manner most unique to private rooms within a large elegant family home. There are verandas, hallways, lounges and spaces to congregate for the sociable and nooks, bowers and secluded corners for those wanting to retreat.

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