David Mitchell

Incredible and mesmerising india trip


We booked our Vacation without knowing anything about BOUT INDIA TOURS....what a stroke of luck. We were treated like royalty from start to finish.

Met at Hotel lobby each morning by driver and guide, always 15 mins early as were we, eager to start our daily tours of the monuments as they called them. We described them as temples, forts, palaces etc.
After being dropped off at each monument, our driver was waiting for us outside to whisk us away to our next tour.
We had very comfortable vehicles, all very clean, great drivers who never got angry with the bustling heavy traffic. The rides to and from our hotel and to and from the monuments were an experience by itself, I have so many vidéos of the busy and hilarious traffic situations, it became part of our Vacation.

I must mention 1 driver who was with us for 10 days, his name was Rajender. He drove us from city to city with a smile on his face.we were with him from Delhi - Agra - Ranthanbore - Jaipur - Jodhpur- Pushkar -Udaipur. He comes highly recommended.
I picked our cities we wanted to visit, the time in each city, and SONAL (thank you Sonal for revising our itinary numerous times until we got it completed) she was our first contact with BOUT INDIA and handled all the rest.

Our itinerary was Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mumbai for 2 nights each, then to Goa to wind down for 5 nights (you will need it) and returning to Delhi for 2 nights before our flight home to Toronto.
23 nights accommodation and 2 days travelling.

Great thing about this tour is that you dictate where you are going, and how long you wish to spend, totally customised to your needs and wants.

The tours each day were just long enough, The hotels were excellent except for one stay in Agra, which we addressed with BOUT INDIA after our stay, but they told me to have mentioned it earlier, so it could have been rectified.
Some of the hotels were breathtaking, with their grounds, facilities, rooms, and service. Prépare to be indulged.

GEETANSHI (GEET) checked in with us, not every day, but most days to monitor that all was good and that we were having a good time. Just the right amount of contact.

We met up with SONAL one evening, and got to meet, talk about our experiences, our problems (had none), and had supper and a drink with her to cap off our day in Jaipur. Thanks for your work SONAL, and nice meeting you in person, you did a great job.

If you dont know India, as we didn't, where would I advise you go....pick any of those cities mentioned and you won't go wrong. It is very difficult to pick out a favourite, as there are so many expériences in each city, so do them all.

Unfortunately for me, the standard has been set for future trips, my wife Lesley informed me that this is the way we travel from now on.

Excellent experiences all round. Thank you BOUT INDIA, it WAS incredible, mesmerising, unbelievable, wonderful.
12 out of 10.

Dave and Lesley.

Bout India
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David Mitchell
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